2023 Miss Hong Kong contestant Eris Tang stuns in jaw-dropping bikini photos

    Eris Tang

    17th June 2024 – (Hong Kong) Eris Tang, who participated in the ‘2023 Miss Hong Kong Pageant’ last year, joined TVB after receiving great acclaim from netizens for her sweet looks and good physique. Within less than a year of her participation, she was assigned as a host for entertainment news on TVB’s program ‘TVB Scoop,’ where she frequently appears on screen.

    During an episode of ‘TVB Scoop,’ host Eris Tang questioned why Juliana Kwok and Rachel Chan, both former Miss Hong Kong contestants, were selected as hosts, suggesting that their good figures played a part in the decision. However, the atmosphere suddenly turned serious as Ruan Zhaoxiang and Wong Cho-lam’s expressions changed. (Screenshot from the show)

    As time has passed, Eris Tang’s fashion choices have become increasingly alluring since entering the industry. With the upcoming ‘2024 Miss Hong Kong Pageant’ taking place soon, she seized the opportunity to showcase her stunning physique on Instagram. In a striking red and white bikini, she flaunted her perfectly toned body, providing a visual feast for her followers.