2022 Miss Hong Kong pageant winner Denice Lam attends birthday party of actress Lisa Ch’ng

    Denice Lam

    23rd February 2024 – (Hong Kong) Denice Lam, the 29-year-old winner of the 2022 Miss Hong Kong pageant, has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Despite her stunning looks and impeccable figure, Lam has faced numerous controversies since her participation in the beauty pageant. Prior to joining Miss Hong Kong, she made shocking revelations on ViuTV’s show “Abracadabra,” claiming to have had five sexual partners, earning her the label of a “sex symbol” of the new generation. Subsequently, she was accused of owing HK$500,000 in credit card debt, and there were even claims of explicit videos involving her. However, Lam quickly denied these allegations and took legal action by filing a police report.

    Furthermore, reports emerged suggesting that Lam did not meet the image requirements of the Miss Hong Kong pageant, resulting in her not being invited to join the Wai Yin Association, a prestigious group for former Miss Hong Kong winners. Later, rumours circulated about her attendance at a lavish “wealthy tycoons’ dinner,” which further tarnished her image. Lam clarified the situation by explaining that she had attended the charity event with her company’s permission, emphasizing that her intention was solely to contribute to a good cause rather than engage in any inappropriate activities.

    After a year of maintaining a low profile and focusing on philanthropic endeavours, Lam recently resurfaced in the public eye. She was seen alongside renowned actors and actresses at the “TVB Cup” horse racing event, indicating that she continues to be valued by her company.

    Recently, Lam attended the birthday party of actress Lisa Ch’ng, where she mingled with affluent celebrities. It appears that Lam has found a new circle of friends and is ready for a fresh start. In photos from the party, Lam can be seen embracing the birthday girl, Lisa Ch’ng, as well as Mona Ch’ng the daughter of a Malaysian tycoon. The trio displayed a strong bond and appeared to be enjoying each other’s company.

    From left to right: Mona Ch’ng, Denice Lam and Lisa Ch’ng