2021 ATV Miss Asia Pageant dropout to appear in court next Tuesday after kicking resident in Long Ping Estate

    Sit Ching Yee

    18th March 2022 – (Hong Kong) The 37-year-old 2021 ATV Miss Asia Pageant dropout Sit Ching Yee gained a surge in popularity due to her special temperament and appearance. She signed a 2-year-contract with ATV to appear in its shows last year.

    In September last year, she was pursued by residents in Long Ping Estate because she did not wear a mask. She was suspected of kicking one of them in retaliation inside an elevator. The incident was captured on video and posted on social media. Nearly half a year later, it was reported that Sit was suspected of “common assault” and was arrested by the police earlier. She has been granted bail and the case will appear for mention next Tuesday (22nd).