2019 Miss Hong Kong contestant Kayan Choi hospitalised after suffering food poisoning in Spain

    Kayan Choi

    22nd June 2024 – (Mallorca) Kayan Choi, a former contestant of the Miss Hong Kong pageant and an actress who has been the subject of golddigger rumours, encountered a distressing incident during her 30th birthday celebration. Alongside her sister, Nicole, and local singer Eunice Chan, she embarked on a luxurious trip to Spain with a group of seven. The entourage of stunning ladies showcased their allure in sizzling bikinis, while Kayan Choi herself dared to indulge in cliff jumping.

    However, the birthday festivities took an unexpected turn when Kayan Choi fell victim to a severe case of food poisoning. Sharing her unfortunate experience on social media, she posted a temporary update showing her receiving medical treatment in a hospital, accompanied by a caption expressing her discomfort: “I’ve been suffering from repeated bouts of vomiting and diarrhea! It has happened more than ten times!”

    Initiating her account of the incident, Kayan Choi first shared a photo of herself receiving injections at the hospital, along with a caption that revealed the disruption caused to their travel plans: “Our journey was marred by this setback. Constant episodes of vomiting and diarrhoea forced me to seek medical attention. Yesterday was supposed to be the day for skydiving, but instead, I spent the entire day in a daze due to the effects of food poisoning (coupled with unfortunate weather conditions preventing the jump). Hopefully, tomorrow will bring better circumstances.”

    The photo depicted Kayan Choi lying on a hospital bed, her wrist adorned with an admission bracelet. Subsequently, she reshared a temporary update from a friend, adding her own comment: “I’ve revived! This morning, I thought I wouldn’t be able to leave the house without being close to the toilet.” She also disclosed that everyone in their group had fallen victim to the same food poisoning incident. Later, she posted a video of herself strolling through town, emphasizing her determination despite her lingering loss of appetite: “Although I still have no appetite, I’m pushing through! I hope I won’t experience any more stomach discomfort!”

    Undeterred by the unfortunate incident, Kayan Choi continued to share glimpses of her trip. She posted pictures of herself in a swimsuit at Mallorca’s Crystal Clear Jellyfish Cove, describing the stunning beauty of the location and recounting her activities: “I swam several laps, took a leap off a cliff, and captured breathtaking aerial shots. I wish I could stay in this ocean paradise for even longer!” The photos showcased Kayan Choi wearing a green bikini while posing at the edge of a cliff, and the accompanying video captured the moment she took the plunge into the sea, first adjusting her high-cut bikini bottoms before gracefully diving in. Internet users praised her audacity, referring to her as “fearless” and even dubbing her the “Queen of Daring Dives.”