2,000 protesters from the education industry gather at Edinburgh Place to protest against suppression from Education Bureau


3rd January 2020 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union members gathered at Edinburgh Place in Central at 7pm today to protest against the suppression from the Education Bureau. A total of 2,000 protesters participated in the gathering and those who were present include employees from the education sector, retired headmasters and union representatives. Most of them were clad in masks and they shouted slogans.

The gathering ended at around 9pm this evening and the organiser claimed that a total of 20,000 people participated in the event. The chairman of Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union, Fung expressed that they received a total of letters from 30 teaching staff seeking help after they were suspended from their duties due to their pro-democracy stand.

In addition, they also vowed to assist the male teacher who was shot in the eye by police earlier to file a suit against the police force. He has only 2.5% of vision remaining in his right eye.