20-year-old male driver arrested in Ma On Shan for drug trafficking, cocaine worth HK$28,000 and HK$20,000 cash found


16th August 2022 – (Hong Kong) At about 1am in the morning, the Ma On Shan sub-divisional task force patrolled near Heng Sing House, Heng On Estate and found a suspicious Mercedes car on the side of the road. The 20-year-old male driver in the car looked flustered, officers stopped and checked him. The police found about 106 small packets of suspected cocaine with a value of about HK$28,000 and HK$20,000 in cash in the car.

Police dogs were subsequently deployed to the scene to assist in a search of the vehicle, but no further findings were found. After investigation, the police arrested the male driver on suspicion of “drug trafficking”, and took him along with relevant evidence to the department for investigation. The car involved is believed to be rented by the arrested man and has been towed away for inspection.