20 arrested from illegal mahjong den in Yuen Long


15th September 2021 – (Hong Kong) The Yuen Long Police District Special Duty Squad officers launched an anti-illegal gambling operation in the district at about 7pm tonight (15th). They raided a unit on Ping Wui Street and smashed a suspected illegal mahjong parlour.

3 electric mahjong tables, 6 sets of mahjong, 12 chairs and approximately HK$14,000 in gambling money were seized. During the operation, officers arrested a 69-year-old local man suspected of “operating a gambling establishment”; another 6 local men and 5 women, aged between 35 and 68, were arrested for “gambling in a gambling establishment”.

All arrested persons are also suspected of violating the ban on gatherings, and the police will prosecute and/or fine the arrested persons.

In addition, officers from the Special Duty Squad of the Tsuen Wan Police District carried out an anti-illegal gambling operation in the district at about 4.30pm this afternoon. They raided a residential unit on Wun Tung Street, smashed a suspected illegal mahjong den and seized 3 mahjong tables and 6 mahjong sets, small amounts of money and gambling paraphernalia.

In the operation, the police arrested a 52-year-old local woman for “operating a gambling establishment”. Another five local men, one local woman and one mainland woman, aged between 36 and 79, were arrested on suspicion of “gambling in a gambling establishment.” They were also suspected of violating gathering ban, and the officers issued fixed penalty fines to them. All arrested men and women were detained for investigation.