20 airport employees to undergo quarantine after patient from Nigeria infected with Omicron stayed at airport for 4 days


1st December 2021 – (Hong Kong) Although the local COVID-19 cases in Hong Kong continue to be cleared, imported cases continue to appear. In addition, Hong Kong has reported its 4th Omicron variant virus case today. There were 3 new confirmed cases reported today.

In addition, there was an imported case from Nigeria earlier and the patient tested positive for Omicron variant virus. As the patient in this case had stayed at the airport for 4 days, there are currently about 20 airport employees who have been designated as close contacts. They need to be sent to the quarantine centre for isolation.

Case No 12433 involves 38-year-old male patient who arrived in Hong Kong from Qatar on flight QR818 on 24th November for transit. He remained in the airside of the restricted area due to a visa-related issue and tested positive in a pre-departure test on 27th November at the restricted area in Hong Kong International Airport. The patient had not received COVID-19 vaccination and had been asymptomatic. He tested positive on 27th November for antibody after admission and the CT values for the three tests after admission are 30-36. The whole genome sequencing conducted by the DH’s Public Health Laboratory Services Branch confirmed that the case carried the Variant of Concern Omicron. Further epidemiological investigations revealed that the patient travelled from Papua New Guinea to Nigeria on 15th November and subsequently travelled from Qatar to Hong Kong. The places where he had been at Hong Kong International Airport had been included in a compulsory testing notice on 29th November. Specified persons who had been present at the relevant venues at specified periods need to undergo compulsory testing by 1st December.. No relevant confirmed case has been recorded at the moment. There are so far four cases involving Omicron in Hong Kong. Two cases are related to South Africa and two cases are related to Nigeria.