2-year-old child fatally crushed by a delivery van in Shenzhen residential complex


12th May 2024 – (Shenzhen) On 11th May, heartbreaking news emerged from Shenzhen’s Luohu district, where a young child lost their life after being run over by a delivery van within a residential complex. According to an internet user claiming to be a resident of the community, the child’s grandmother was pushing a stroller, with the toddler having just gotten off when the accident occurred. The child had only walked a mere one or two meters outside the gate when they were tragically crushed by the vehicle. Immediately following the incident, residents spontaneously gathered at the scene, expressing criticism towards the inadequate management of the local property and security, citing unauthorized vehicle access and poor lighting conditions.

Some internet users also criticised the delivery platform, suggesting that the driver may have been rushing to fulfil an order, leading to the unfortunate incident. However, representatives from the delivery platform responded by stating that the driver was not on duty at the time of the accident, emphasizing that it was an individual act unrelated to the platform.

It was revealed that neither of the child’s parents were present during the incident, only the grandmother. A circulated video captured the heart-wrenching moment when the child’s mother arrived at the scene, collapsing to the ground in anguish and tears. A crowd of concerned residents gathered, anxiously examining the child’s condition. One woman even held up an umbrella to shield the child lying on the ground.

On 11th May, the delivery platform addressed the incident, confirming its occurrence and acknowledging that the involved driver was affiliated with the platform. However, they clarified that the driver was off-duty at the time of the accident, emphasizing that it was the driver’s personal action and not connected to the platform. Furthermore, due to the driver’s improper operation resulting in a fatality, they would undergo investigation by the traffic police and public security departments, potentially facing criminal charges.

According to residents, the community implemented measures to separate pedestrian and vehicular traffic, and such a tragedy should not have occurred. However, there have been frequent instances of cargo trucks unloading and freely entering the community, with security personnel seemingly turning a blind eye. This negligence is believed to be the root cause of the accident. Some homeowners also voiced concerns online, stating that the lighting within the community was excessively dim, posing a potential hazard.