2 women being tied and allegedly shamed in public after arguing with officials over mask issue in Guangzhou City


19th November 2022 – (Guangzhou City) Recently, a woman allegedly had a dispute with volunteers and other relevant personnel over the issue of mask in Haizhu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province. As a result, their hands and feet were tied behind their backs before ‘shamed’ in public. The incident aroused controversy after the relevant video was widely circulated. On Friday (18th), a netizen who was suspected of being one of the women involved said on Weibo that she was going to pick up food when the incident happened, and she clashed with relevant personnel because her friend lost her mask. They later apologised to the relevant personnel.

In addition, some netizens believe that the 2 victims were paraded in public, photographed and videotaped while their privacy was not protected. The behaviour of the personnel is suspected of seriously violating the Constitution, Civil Law and other laws and regulations. A staff member of the Haizhu District Public Security Bureau responded that the matter is being investigated.

On the evening of the 18th November, the Haizhu Branch of the Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau issued a report stating that at 11am on Thursday (17th), two women, Wang and Li (both 23 years old, from Heilongjiang) did not comply with the epidemic prevention and control control area regulations. According to the regulations, the two attempted to forcibly enter and exit the epidemic prevention and control checkpoint in Luntou Village, Haizhu District. Among them, Li did not wear a mask, the health codes of both of them were amber, and the they did not carry out nucleic acid test as required since 30th October. During the period, the on-site epidemic prevention staff stepped forward to persuade them many times, but Wang and Li refused to cooperate, insulted the staff and disrupted the order of the scene, and were restrained and controlled by the staff and the masses. After receiving the report, the police took the person involved back to the police station for further investigation. According to the facts of the investigation, the police have imposed public security punishments on Wang and Li according to law. The two parties involved have reached an understanding after being educated and reminded.

Haizhu Branch of the Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau issued a report with regards to the incident.