2 South Asians vandalise eatery on Battery Street in Yau Ma Tei before fleeing


28th June 2022 – (Hong Kong) At 5am today, 2 South Asians armed with knife, stool and steel ladle respectively threatened another South Asian owner of eatery, New Minna Centre on Battery Street in Yau Ma Tei.

They then caused a commotion and smashed a glass door, a glass window and knocking down a refrigerator before fleeing.

The eatery owner then called the police for help. After a preliminary investigation by the police, the case was classified as criminal damage, and the Yau Tsim District Criminal Investigation Team followed up. Fragments of glass and a small amount of blood stains were found on the scene. It is suspected that the perpetrators were injured by broken glass. The owner said that he had no grudge with anyone, and the cause of the incident was unknown. About 10 minutes after the incident, the police also received a report from the public, saying that when passing through Shanghai Street, 2 South Asians were found with injured hands, and they were very suspicious. However, the police failed to intercept them. It cannot be ruled out that the two are related to the case.