2 men arrested for selling stolen watches in Mong Kok store, uncovering HK$300,000 online shopping scam

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14th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) Officers from the Mong Kok Police District were on patrol last Monday (6th) when they noticed two suspicious-looking men attempting to sell a high-end watch at a local watch store. Promptly intervening, the officers launched an investigation, revealing that the watch in question was stolen as part of an online shopping scam. The two suspects, aged 36 and 45, were subsequently arrested for handling stolen property. Further police inquiries unveiled that these same individuals had pawned another watch, also obtained through a fraudulent online shopping scheme, at a pawnshop on 30th April. The combined value of the two watches was estimated to be around HK$300,000. Both suspects have been granted bail pending further investigation and are required to report to the police in early June. The case is now being handled by the Mong Kok Police District’s Serious Crime Unit.

According to reports, the two suspects were caught in the act at a watch store on Fa Yuen Street, where they were attempting to sell a Patek Philippe watch worth approximately HK$246,000. Thanks to the vigilance of the patrolling officers, their illegal activities were exposed. Upon tracing their actions, it was revealed that the individuals had previously pawned another watch, a Rolex worth around HK$50,000, at a pawnshop on Shantung Street last month. It has been discovered that both arrested individuals are unemployed and allegedly carried out these crimes under the instructions of the notorious “bounced cheque gang,” for a promised 10% cut. Furthermore, it has been confirmed that both watches were fraudulently obtained through online purchases, with the payment cheques subsequently bouncing.