2 female owners of takeaway tea shop in Mong Kok sentenced to 6-7 months in prison for inciting others on social media

Ascohesion CheeseTea in Mong Kok

28th June 2022 – (Hong Kong) At the end of February this year, the National Security Department of the Police arrested two female owners of a takeaway tea shop, Ascohesion CheeseTea in Mong Kok, accusing them of inciting others to violate epidemic prevention regulations, including calling for people to boycott COVID-19 vaccinations and falsely reporting side effects post-vaccinations on Instagram and Facebook between 9th February and 17th February 2022. They were both charged with one or more acts with seditious intent and pleaded guilty at the West Kowloon Magistrates’ Courts today (28th).

The defence pleaded that the mother of one of the defendants became seriously unwell after being vaccinated at the request of her employer, which made her think of calling on others not to be vaccinated. The designated judge and chief magistrate of the National Security Law, pointed out that in addition to calling for others not to be vaccinated, she also called for boycott of LeaveHomeSafe app, questioning that the defendant had a careful plan. As a result, the judge sentenced the two defendants to 7 months and 6 months in prison respectively.