2 couples in U.S. end their marriages to form foursome


18th March 2023 – (Massachusetts) Two couples ended their marriages after several years of union, seeking to form a foursome, prompted by recent legal changes that recognise a greater variety of relationships. Ethical non-monogamy, commonly known as polyamory, has been a part of human relationships for some time, but the idea of more than two people in a committed relationship has gained wider acceptance in recent times.

From left to right: Kyle, Rachel, Ashley and Yair. Picture credit: Instagram/@thewright_rachel

Somerville, Massachusetts, has passed the first domestic partnership ordinance allowing for multiple partners, which recognises the need for people in polyamorous relationships to access health insurance and other partner protections. Rachel and Kyle Wright, a couple within a connected network of people in non-monogamous relationships, or polycule, decided to divorce to be recognised as a polycule. Although this ordinance is yet to be adopted in New York, they used the cohabitation agreement to list all members of the polycule individually.

According to Adams, this arrangement allowed for the protection of individual finances without the entanglements of traditional marriage. Sadly, Kyle has since left the polycule, a mutual decision reached after he decided to work on himself and his identity. Rachel stated on Instagram that the separation may not be permanent, but for the present and foreseeable future, Yair, Ash, and herself will remain in their shared home, while Kyle will live in Brooklyn.