2 cars crash and catch fire on Fanling Highway during suspected illegal racing, 1 driver arrested


27th June 2022 – (Hong Kong) At around 11.43pm yesterday, two private cars were driving along Fanling Highway in the direction of Tai Po, and they accidentally collided with each other. One of the cars lost control and crashed into a row of water-filled barricades on the side of the road before catching fire. The front of another car which was involved in the accident was damaged.

The air bag in one of the cars was ejected, and a batch of debris was scattered on the ground. The drivers and passengers of the two cars escaped in time. Some of them removed a batch of objects from one of the cars and boarded another car to leave the scene.

The Fire Department dispatched officers to the scene to put out the fire. The police blocked the on-site investigation, classified the case as a traffic accident with no injuries. Officers also contacted the owners of the cars to assist in the investigation based on the vehicle registration information.

It is reported that police officers seized a certificate of the COVID-9 vaccination record belonging to a man surnamed Yeung in one of the vehicles. About 15 minutes after the accident, the police happened to receive a report from a man surnamed Yeung (39) that he had parked his car on Ngau Tam Mei Road, Lok Ma Chau, and his car was stolen and driven away. After in-depth investigation, the police believed that Yeung is the owner of one of the private cars involved in the accident, and found that Yeung’s report was false. Yeung was arrested on suspicion of “misleading police officers” and he was taken to the station for investigation. He was initially suspected to be one of the drivers involved in the accident. In addition, dashcam footage from another vehicle shows that there were 4 to 5 private cars pursuing along the road at high speed before the accident. It is not ruled out that illegal racing was involved, and the police will further investigate.