2 burglaries reported in Macao: Filipino domestic helper loses jewellery worth HK$165,000, female homeowner loses HK$155,000 in cash and watches

R. da Praia do Manduco & R. do Alm. Sergio

25th September 2023 – (Macao) In Macao, two burglary cases involving a total amount of approximately HK$320,000 have been reported. Local law enforcement authorities confirmed today (26th) that one of the victims is a Filipino domestic worker in her 50s who suspected that 22 pieces of jewellery, worth around MOP 165,000, were stolen from her. The other case occurred at a unit on R. da Praia do Manduco & R. do Alm. Sergio in the area of R. do Alm. Sergio, where a female homeowner in her 30s reported a loss of HK$155,000 in cash and watches.

According to the details of the burglary cases, the Filipina victim, accompanied by her family, traveled to Hong Kong on the evening of last Tuesday (19th). She had placed 22 pieces of jewelry, including a platinum necklace, gold bracelets, and diamond bracelets, inside a bag within her backpack. Before leaving her residence, she briefly left the backpack outside the stairwell. However, upon leaving the unit, she noticed that the zipper of her backpack had been opened. At the time, the victim did not pay much attention to it. It was only after she and her family checked into a hotel in Hong Kong that she discovered the missing bag containing her jewelry, leading her to suspect that it had been stolen.

In the other burglary case, which took place at a unit on R. da Praia do Manduco & R. do Alm. Sergio, the female homeowner reported that on Sunday (24th) evening at around 7.30pm, she returned to her residence and found that the door lock had been pried open. She suspected that someone was inside the house. During the incident, a man suddenly rushed out of the bedroom and fled down the building’s stairs. After conducting an inventory, the homeowner discovered a loss of HK$5,000 in cash and three watches valued at a total of HK$150,000.