2 brave police officers rescues man in North Point East Coast Park attempted suicide

East Coast Park Precinct

13th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) At North Point East Coast Park yesterday, a man’s life was saved as he was rescued from the treacherous waters by two off-duty police officers. The incident unfolded around 7pm. when the man, who had expressed suicidal thoughts to his family, arrived at the park and jumped into the sea. Fortunately, his actions did not go unnoticed, and two quick-thinking officers immediately responded to the distress call and plunged into the water to rescue him, ultimately bringing him safely back to shore.

The 21-year-old man, identified as Mr. Yeung, was conscious as he was rushed to Ruttonjee Hospitall for a thorough medical examination.

The heroic officers who courageously risked their lives to save the distressed individual belong to th Police Tactical Unit. One of them, a seasoned police veteran with 18 years of service, received a radio notification about a missing person in the vicinity who was believed to be contemplating self-harm. Acting swiftly, the officer proceeded to the specified location, where he noticed a man matching the description lingering near the shoreline. Approaching the individual alongside his colleague, the officers witnessed the man vault over a fence and plunge into the water.

Without hesitation, the two officers shed their equipment and kicked off their shoes before diving into the sea to carry out the daring rescue mission. With their combined efforts, they successfully retrieved the struggling man and guided him to the nearby stairs on the shore. Although the officer admitted to lacking a specific life-saving certification, his familiarity with water conditions and quick decision-making skills proved instrumental in their successful intervention. The officer expressed profound satisfaction at having saved a life, even without official recognition.