19-year-old man in Tai Hang loses over HK$2m in mobile phone scam

Lai Kit Lau, Lai Tak Tsuen, Tai Hang

20th May 2022 – (Hong Kong) At 11.56am this morning (20th), the police received a report from a man surnamed To (19 years old) in Lai Kit Lau, Lai Tak Tsuen, Tai Hang alleging that he was involved in a mainland money laundering case, the victim was required to transfer a sum of money to prove his innocence. The victim then deposited about HK$2 million into the 3 accounts designated by the other party as instructed, but the victim later suspected that he had been deceived and called the police for help. The police arrived at the scene, and after preliminary investigation, the case was classified as “obtaining property by deception” and was handed over to the Eastern District Police District Criminal Investigation Team for follow-up. No arrests have been made yet.