19 year old charged and denied bail for assaulting and injuring a Global Times Chinese reporter at airport with an American flag pole


19th August 2019 – (Hong Kong) Police arrested a 19 year old youth for assaulting a Global Times reporter from China, Fu, at the airport last week. He was charged in Eastern Magistrates’ Court today for participating in illegal assembly and causing bodily harm to the reporter. His case has been adjourned to 28th October and bail was rejected by the judge.

According to the charges, the defendant was involved in an illegal assembly with a group of others at the airport on 13th and 14th of August. He was alleged to have assaulted Fu on 14th of August.

According to the defence lawyer, the defendant has only Primary 6 education and he worked as a waiter in a local hotel. His monthly salary was HK$8,000 and he lives alone in a government housing estate. His parents are separated. The defendant was under the assumption that Fu was a spy as he did not want to reveal his identity. According to sources, the defendant allegedly kicked him and used an American flag pole to poked his head, neck and hands. The defendant attacked him again when the paramedics team was sending him out to the ambulance.

Meanwhile, the defence lawyer proposed HK$4,000, night curfew and surrender of his passport but it was turned down by the court.