18-year-old teenager passes out and dies after playing Nintendo Switch game at home in Hung Shui Kiu (Updated: 6.15pm)


20th May 2022 – (Hong Kong) At about 2pm this afternoon (20th), a woman in Hung Lok House, Hung Fuk Estate, Hung Shui Kiu called the police, saying that her 18-year-old son had fainted after exercising at the residence and was unconscious. The ambulance arrived after receiving the report, and after examination, it was confirmed that the young man had passed away and did not need to be sent to the hospital. It is understood that the young man is a college student with no illness and he was playing Nintendo Switch games before he passed out.

The police found that the young man had bleeding from the ears and nose. Police believed that the case was not suspicious and his cause of death will be subject to post-mortem.

It is reported that the young man accidentally fell down and lost his life while playing the Nintendo Switch game “Ring Fit Adventure” at home, with blood stains on his nose and ears. When the mother returned home a few hours later, she found a yoga mat on the ground and the victim’s left foot with a fitness ring sensor.

Ring Fit Adventure is an exercisingaction role-playing game developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. The game comes with two physical components: the Ring-Con, a Pilates ring that the user holds and one Joy-Con slots into, and a Leg Strap, a piece of fabric affixed to the user’s leg that holds the other Joy-Con.