18-year-old Pakistani student arrested in connection with 9 thefts during taxi rides


26th February 2020 – (Hong Kong) An 18-year-old Pakistani student was arrested in connection with 9 thefts during taxi rides. He was taken to his home at Kam Hon House at Choi Hung Estate in Ngau Chi Wan at 2pm today. The suspect is a secondary school student.

At 10.30pm on Monday this week, a 74-year-old taxi driver called the police after the suspect borrowed his mobile phone to call his friend on the pretext that there was a communication issue. He then left the taxi abruptly and stole HK$400 from the vehicle.

Police arrested the suspect at 5pm on Ngau Tau Kok Road yesterday and he was also connected to 8 other similar cases. Total losses were estimated at HK$#38,000 which included wallets, mobile phones and bags. Any other taxi driver who has experienced similar incident can call Sau Mau Ping Police Station at 36611628 to report.