17 reports of wildfire on hilltops at multiple locations received by Fire Department from 6am to 7pm today


4th December 2019 – (Hong Kong) Wildfire took place at multiple locations in Hong Kong today. At around 4.30pm today, fire department received report that wildfire was spotted on the hilltop opposite Sung Shan New Village and it spread to an area over 200 metres. Firemen ascended the hill to extinguish the fire. Similarly on Chi Ma Leng, there was also wildfire reported and plumes of smoke were billowing from the hilltop.

At around 9pm, wildfire also broke out on top of Pat Heung in Yuen Long and the fire is still burning at press time. Meanwhile, wildfire spreading to an area of over 700m was also spotted at Tai Lam Country Park.

Fire department received a total of 17 reports on wildfire from 6am to 7pm today, 4 of which were prank calls.

Yuen Long
Pat Heung in Yuen Long.