17 new confirmed COVID-19 cases reported in Hong Kong, sources, citizens continue to ignore social distancing rules

Hongkongers queued outside the newly open Don Don Donki store in Central.

17th October 2020 – (Hong Kong) Sources revealed that 17 new confirmed COVID-19 cases were reported in Hong Kong as of 12am today (17th). The total daily number has returned to double digits. As of yesterday (16th), a total of 5,221 cases have been reported.

Hong Kong continues to record COVID-19 cases with unknown sources and even though the COVID-19 cases are seemingly under control with only 7 cases recorded yesterday, citizens should not take things for granted and enforcement officials should toughen up on patrolling popular bar areas to prevent people from gathering.

The admin of Facebook group ‘Hong Kong Young Expats’ shared a picture yesterday evening showing a huge crowd (about 50 people) standing outside Slim’s Bar on Wing Fung Street in Wan Chai yesterday evening. They were chatting and drinking without wearing any mask at close distance with each other. Most of the those present were mostly foreign expatriates and some netizens have criticised that it was not appropriate for them to break social distancing regulations even though they were not within the premises of the bar.

Picture credit: Vincent Chan, ‘Hong Kong Young Expats’