16-year-old HK-born Ginevra Belotti seamlessly merges Eastern and Western dance forms

Ginevra Belotti

18th May 2023 – (Shanghai) At just 16 years old, Ginevra Belotti is already a remarkable ballerina who has seamlessly combined Eastern and Western dance forms. Born to Italian parents in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Belotti has spent her entire life in China, where she developed her passion for dance at an early age.

Belotti’s dream is to perform on stages around the world, showcasing the beauty of the fusion of Eastern and Western dance to the audience. With her exceptional style, she hopes to provide a unique and unforgettable experience for viewers.

Belotti began dancing at the age of three when her mother brought her to her first dance class. From that moment on, she knew that dance was her calling. To improve her skills, she studied ballet at an international dance school in Shanghai and currently performs at a dance studio.

Belotti has studied multiple styles of ballet, with a focus on Russian ballet, which is different from its Italian counterpart. She notes that ballet in China contains many Russian elements, which suits her style well because of its slow pace and large, extended movements.

In addition to ballet, Belotti learned traditional Chinese dance for two years. She finds Chinese dance to be very different from ballet because it allows for more freedom in body movement. She once performed a Chinese dance mixed with ballet, in which umbrellas were used to represent daily life in Chinese traditional dancing.

Belotti has a deep appreciation for Chinese culture, which has always fascinated her. She particularly admires the dragon dance, a traditional dance often performed during the Chinese Spring Festival. She believes that the dance is challenging for the dancers who must jump around and work as a group. Belotti also loves wearing the Chinese Qipao, or cheongsam, which she finds elegant and emphasizes the gracefulness of Chinese women.

Belotti has spent a lot of time traveling in China, where she has enjoyed exploring various cities and experiencing local cultures. She has discovered that most regions have their own dialects, which can make communication challenging. However, she has found that people are always friendly and welcoming.

For Belotti, dance is a universal language that can be understood around the world. She believes that it is the most essential expression of humanity and a dialogue between physical bodies as well as souls. She sees the fusion of dance as a bridge that can help people from different cultures understand and appreciate each other.

Belotti’s passion for dance and love for Chinese culture have allowed her to create a unique style that showcases the best of both Eastern and Western dance forms. With her grace, poise, and exceptional talent, she is set to take the dance world by storm.