15-year-old causes havoc by stomping on a HK$3m Lamborghini in China, leaving the car owner with costly repairs


1st October 2023 – (Qingdao) In a shocking incident from Qingdao, Shandong Province, mainland China, a 15-year-old teenager entered an underground parking lot of a luxurious hotel. What followed was an act of utter recklessness as he proceeded to stomp on the engine hood of a Lamborghini worth approximately HK$3.22 million (CNY 2.98 million). Not content with his destructive display, he filmed the entire episode and shamelessly shared it online, provoking the car owner in the comments section.

The car owner, upon discovering the damage, expressed his frustration at the repair costs, which amounted to nearly HK$200,000 (CNY 180,000). Due to the juvenile’s abhorrent behaviour, the owner firmly stated that he would not settle the matter amicably and vowed to pursue legal action. He declared, “I’m willing to spend whatever it takes, but I won’t let this incident go unpunished.”

The incident has sparked widespread debate among netizens, with many showing support for the car owner’s pursuit of justice. Comments such as “Support the car owner’s rights” and “We can no longer tolerate such deliberate acts of mischief” flooded online platforms.

According to reports from mainland Chinese media, several teenagers from Qingdao entered the underground parking lot of a luxury hotel recently. Shockingly, one 15-year-old decided to elevate his mischief by stomping on the engine hood of a Lamborghini, capturing the act on video and proudly sharing it online. To add insult to injury, he even spat on the Lamborghini. The car owner, Mr. Wang, promptly reported the incident to the police. However, the juvenile’s family refused to cooperate in the subsequent negotiations, and the teenager continued to taunt Mr. Wang in the comment section, further fueling his anger.