1,443 explicit images of the Thai royal consort leaked to journalist Andrew MacGregor Marshall


24th November 2020 – (Bangkok) According to Mashable SE Asia, 1,443 explicit images of the Thai royal consort, Sineenat “Koi” Wongvajirapakdi have been leaked in what seems to be a “power struggle” within the Thai royal family. Not too long ago, Sineenat was sacked by Thailand’s King, Maha Vajiralongkorn. She had all her titles and privileges stripped off her just 3 months after she received them.

It can be seen from some of the leaked photos that Sineenat was spotted in sexy and seductive poses. In one of them, she was wearing a “deep V” dress and leaned forward to face the camera, exposing her cleavage. In another photo, she raised her hand to the camera and “pouted her mouth” but her armpit hair was exposed. Other photos also show Sineenat wearing sleeveless clothes and showing her armpit hair.

This was because she had apparently been “disloyal” and had “ambition” to match the status of Queen Suthida, the king’s fourth wife.

A year later, the King reinstated all of her titles and privileges back to her.

What does this have to do with explicit photos of the consort?

According to journalist Andrew MacGregor Marshall, who specialises in Thai politics and issues, in August 2020, he received a mysterious SD card containing 1,400 images from Sineenat’s previously owned iPhones.

Marshall alleged that the photos involved were apparently obtained from 3 mobile phones belonging to Sineenat. He claimed that most of the photos were pornographic, and it might have been taken by herself and sent to the Thai King Maha Vajiralongkorn.

IMAGE: Twitter

He went on Twitter to explain this and how it relates to the Thai political situation. He said that the photographs he saw were most likely from Sineenat’s personal photo albums.

He also explains that most of the pictures were sexually explicit in nature and it’s possible she took them to send to Thailand’s King Vajiralongkorn.

According to him, he received the photographs soon after she was released from the Bangkok’s women prison after all her titles were reinstated and she left to join King Vajiralongkorn in Germany.

IMAGE: The Independent

Why the leak?

Andrew cites an internal power struggle as a very possible reason for the compromising images of the consort to be leaked.

In his Twitter thread, he points out that Sineenat’s return was “bitterly opposed” by the palace factions that have pledged support towards Queen Suthida.

He believes it’s most likely a ploy to sabotage the return of Sineenat as a consort.

Something similar happened in 1996 when Vajiralongkorn, then a prince, expelled his second wife, Yuvathida Polpraserth and shortly after, explicit photographs of her were sent to newspapers and posted online.

Andrew refuses to post any of the received photos online as it would be “an invasion of privacy that can’t be justified in terms of providing significant valuable new information to the public.”

He claims his intentions were to just highlight the power struggle within the palace walls between the Queen and the consort.