14-year-old teenage boy allegedly assaulted by brother and acquaintance, sibling confirms suspect knew of minor’s age


29th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) A 37-year-old unemployed man, Hung Sze-ho, stands accused of committing serious indecent acts towards a minor, referred to as X in court documents, who was just 14 years old at the time of the alleged incidents in August 2020. The case took a disturbing turn as the half-brother of the victim, identified as AJBD, admitted to 16 charges including anal intercourse with his younger sibling.

The High Court heard the testimony of the victim’s half-brother, who provided his account in Tagalog, the official language of the Philippines. He revealed his acquaintance with the defendant through a gay dating app. According to AJBD, on the night prior to the incident, he and Hung Sze-ho consumed methamphetamine at the latter’s residence. The conversation then turned to AJBD’s home, where he lived with his half-brother X, and upon inquiry, AJBD informed Hung that X was 15 years old.

AJBD recalled witnessing Hung engaging in sexual acts with X, following a conversation in Cantonese that AJBD did not understand. The encounter escalated to Hung performing oral sex on X and proceeding with anal intercourse. The trio continued to watch adult movies while intermittently consuming methamphetamine until the early hours of the morning when Hung left the premises.

During cross-examination, AJBD acknowledged feeling sexually attracted to X but vehemently denied having pedophilic inclinations. His lawyer referenced an instance when X, at the age of 10, performed oral sex on AJBD, who claimed ignorance of X’s age at the time but conceded that X appeared mature for his age.

The defense also highlighted WhatsApp messages between AJBD and X, in which AJBD expressed a desire to become X’s boyfriend following a refusal of sexual advances. AJBD threatened to send X back to their mother and professed a ‘crazy’ expression of love and care towards X. He confirmed the existence of these messages but stressed that they were not solely to coerce X into sexual acts but also for other reasons.

Hung Sze-ho has pleaded not guilty to the charges of indecent assault and illegal anal intercourse with a minor. The trial continues as the High Court examines the complex and deeply troubling relationships and events leading to the charges laid before them.