14 newly confirmed COVID-19 cases reported today, customer of pet store in Mong Kok preliminarily tests positive (Updated: 8pm)


20th January 2022 – (Hong Kong) Dr.Chuang Shuk-kwan from Centre for Health Protection (CHP) announced today that there were 14 newly confirmed COVID-19 cases as of 12am today. Among them, 10 were local cases.

Meanwhile, there are more than 20 preliminary COVID-19 cases reported today.

The local cases include a 53-year-old resident (Case No.13090) who lives at Yat Kwai House, Kwai Chung Estate. The man worked as a forklift driver on the 5th floor of Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal. Another 1-year-old baby girl (Cases No.13100) who visited her grandmother on 7th Floor of the same apartment also tested positive.

A 17-year-old student (Case No.13088) who lives in Tower 3 Phase 2 Grand Central also tested positive. He studies at St. Joseph’s Anglo-Chinese School and developed fever on 15th January. On 17th January, he went to see a doctor and he tested preliminarily positive for L452R similar to Delta variant but he was not in contact with any hamsters. Genome sequencing results confirmed that he is not linked to the Little Boss cluster. His Delta variant strain is different from Case No. 13047, the female employee of Little Boss pet shop.

One more student from O class at Delia Memorial School (Broadway) and the 58-year-old female teacher (Case No.13093) tested positive. The 58-year-old female teacher of Class 2E was the exam supervisor at Delia Memorial School on 11th and 14th January. One student tested positive earlier in the exam room. She lives in Ma On Shan and visited MOSTown, Chung On Shopping Centre etc during incubation period.

The 28-year-old boyfriend (Case No.13092) of the infected 26-year-old female kindergarten teacher at Learning Habitat Kindergarten (Novum East) tested positive. He works on the 5th floor of K11 MUSEA as a clerk. He lives in Tsuen Wan and received 2 Comirnaty vaccinations earlier. He visited Harbour city during incubation period. He developed sore throat and headache on 17th January.

A family member of Case No 13079 i.e. a 14-year-old boy who studies at Hong Kong Management Association David Li Kwok Po College  tested positive.

Three boys from the same family aged 11, 14 and 16 respectively also tested positive. The three brothers live at Block 7 of Caribbean Coast Phase 1 Monterey Cove in Tung Chung. One of them studies at Lantau International School. They visited the home of Case No.13079 who is a student at Delia Memorial School  and had a meal there. The other two boys study at Buddhist Fat Ho Memorial College. Another student in the college also tested positive. A 14-year-old female student who studies in the same class as one of the boys at Buddhist Fat Ho Memorial College preliminarily tested positive.

Case No. 13092 is the friend of Case No. 13072.

Among the 20 preliminary cases today, there are a few of them are local cases with unknown sources. A 24-year-old social worker who works in Kwai Chung and lives in Cheung Yan House in Cheung Sha Wan Estate preliminarily tested positive with unknown sources. The patient felt unwell on 17th January and the Ct value is 22. The patient visited Starbucks at Citygate Outlets and went for staycation with a friend at Prudential Hotel in TST.

Another 37-year-old retails sales assistant in Kwun Tong also preliminarily tested positive. The patient lives in New Haven in Tsuen Wan.

The third local case with unknown sources is an 82-year-old man who lives in Aberdeen. The Environmental Protection Department has detected COVID-19 virus in sewage samples from many districts, including the Aberdeen. More than 20 buildings in Aberdeen will be placed under compulsory virus testing. The 82-year-old woman went to Dragon Place restaurant with the wife for breakfast everyday. Case No.13073, a previously infected patient went to the same restaurant before.

Meanwhile, there are also some preliminary cases linked with previous cases i.e. family member of Case No. 12960, a teacher at Mei Foo Sun Chuen (Phase 3). The 14-year-old girl at Buddhist Fat Ho Memorial College. Another 30-year-old woman who bought a hamster from Little Boss on 11th January also tested positive.

A customer who bought from I love Rabbit pet shop at  160-162 Tung Choi Street, 160-162 Tung Choi Street, Mong Kok also preliminarily tested positive.

Dr.Chuang said that at least 7 units in Yat Kwai House have infections. Officials from CHP will inspect the building this afternoon.

Also, the genome sequencing results showed that the the Delta variant virus found in the cases involving the female employee of Little boss, the customer and her husband of Little Boss and the customer who bought from I Love Rabbit in Mong Kok are the same. AFCD went to 11 pet shops yesterday and found positive result in a rabbit from I Love Rabbit pet shop in Yuen Long. Dr.Chuang said that the risk of animal-to-human transmission has increased tremendously.

Meanwhile, she said that the genome sequencing results of two previous cases i.e. Case No.13072, a kindergarten teacher who lives in Mei Foo Sun Chuen and Case No.13045 are similar. Case No. 13045 is a 43-year-old female Pakistani woman  who tested positive earlier and resides at a unit 14 of Tung Moon House, Tai Hang Tung Estate, Sham Shui Po. The 2 children of Case No.13045 went to school by taking MTR. They are Cases No. 13067 and 13069). Cases No.13072, 13067 and 13069 probably infected each other within 9 seconds in Mei Foo MTR station when they walked past a tunnel on 14th January. All of them wore masks. They did not have direct contact.

 Meanwhile, the whole genome sequencing analysis of cases announced earlier conducted by the PHLSB confirmed that Cases No. 12999, 13028, 13036, 13037, 13044, 13051, 13056, 13063 to 13067 and 13069 to 13072 all carried the Variant of Concern Omicron. Together with the aforementioned cases, there are so far 495 cases involving Omicron in Hong Kong.

 As at 9am today, 19 patients who had tested positive for the SARS-CoV-2 virus (Cases No: 12556, 12594, 12625, 12629, 12687, 12689, 12694, 12699, 12700, 12805, 12809, 12836, 12870, 12871, 12894, 12935, 12936, 12983 and 13032) were discharged from hospital in the last 24 hours. So far, a total of 12,493 patients have been discharged.
A total of 340 patients who had tested positive are currently hospitalised in the North Lantau Hospital Hong Kong Infection Control Centre, the Hospital Authority (HA) Infectious Disease Centre, the Community Treatment Facility at AsiaWorld-Expo and a public hospital. All of them are in stable condition.

I LOVE RABBIT in Yuen Long
I LOVE RABBIT in Yuen Long