130 persons at Coral Court in North Point checked during enforcement operation, 3 fined for violating compulsory testing notices


​14th January 2022 – (Hong Kong) The Eastern District Office together with the Eastern Police District and the Auxiliary Medical Service (AMS) conducted an enforcement operation today at a building in North Point, which was included in a compulsory testing notice earlier. The operation started at around 6pm and ended at around 9pm today.

Starting from around 6pm today, persons subject to compulsory testing of Coral Court Blocks B3, B4 and C2, 51-67 Cloud View Road, North Point, were requested to provide the SMS notification received through a mobile phone or related certification containing the results of COVID-19 tests, to show that they had taken such tests as required pursuant to the compulsory testing notice of the building within the specified period issued by the Government earlier on. The Government arranged for staff to verify the testing certifications of the persons subject to compulsory testing at the entrances/exits of the building, and conducted checks in the building to verify whether persons subject to compulsory testing had undergone testing in compliance with the requirement.

 During the operation, test records of around 130 persons were checked. Among them, three persons were found to have violated the compulsory testing notice. The Government has issued compulsory testing orders to them, requiring them to undergo testing within a specified period. Non-compliance with a compulsory testing order is an offence, and offenders are liable to a fine of $25,000 and imprisonment for six months.