13 players from Belenenses football club in Portugal infected with Omicron variant


Netherlands Newswire

30th November 2021- (Lisbon) Belenenses made headlines last weekend because the club started the game against Benfica with just nine players. The game was eventually interrupted shortly after the break because Belenenses only had six players left on the field. The score was already 7-0 by then.

Shortly before the game, Belenenses had to deal with a major COVID-19 outbreak involving the new Omicron variant, as a result of which the club had to miss more than ten players. Several staff members were also absent. The game could not be postponed and the club called on all players who were still available. A keeper therefore had to act as a field player.

“It was a shame to play here tonight,” said Belenenses chairman Rui Pedro Soares. More people expressed their surprise that Belenenses was forced to start with nine people.