13 employees at construction site on Mount Kellett Road, the Peak infected with COVID-19

Mount kelllet Road

28th July 2020 – (Hong Kong) The COVID-19 epidemic continues to spread in Hong Kong, and there are more and more large-scale cluster outbreaks in recent days. In addition to hospitals and restaurants, more construction sites have reported new cases. It is expected that COVID-19 cases will go above 100 today for the 7th consecutive day.

The Centre for Health Protection (CHP) last night (27th) updated a large-scale outbreak cluster on a construction site that had never been announced during the press conference on the epidemic. The company involved is KIN SHING (LEUNG’S) GENERAL CONTRACTORS LIMITED, with as many as 13 people who were infected. Among them, 8 cases were diagnosed on or before this Sunday (26th), but nothing was mentioned during the daily press conference. The affected construction site is located on Mount Kellett Road on The Peak. Over 100 people work on a daily basis. CHP has not yet tested employees for viruses. According to data from the CHP, the earliest confirmed case was a 60-year-old male patient, who was also the first to become ill. He developed symptoms on the 20th of this month and was not diagnosed until the 25th. The remaining cases aged between 3 and 69 years old. It is estimated that some of the cases are not site employees but may be family members of the confirmed cases. These 13 cases were diagnosed between the 25th and 27th, but CHP has not made any reference to this cluster.
Some employees said that since a worker was diagnosed on the 25th, the site continued to start work until yesterday. Some employees working on the site said that the company involved was a major contractor, and that the site project involved multiple subcontractors. It is estimated that more than 100 people started work at the same time every day. Private houses are currently being constructed at the site. According to understanding, the infected employees include high-level staff of the company, as well as construction workers and office employees on the construction site.

Many employees commuted between the construction site and their office, suspecting that this has spread the virus. Most of the workers did not wear masks due to the hot weather. Work on the construction site has been suspended a few days ago, but the CHP has not yet tested all its employees. The Centre for Health Protection used to publish the information of each case in the form of a press release every night. However, since last night, the epidemiological information of the cases was suddenly removed.

CHP explained that in view of the recent rapid increase in confirmed cases and the long time required for epidemiological investigations, in order to avoid failure to provide accurate information in the attachment of the press release of the day, the publication of epidemiological related data will be cancelled from yesterday except in large cluster outbreaks.