120 Cathay Pacific cabin crew in Toronto may lose their jobs after closure of base


Cathay Pacific closed down its cabin crew base in Toronto. At least 120 cabin crew based in Toronto may face employment after the Chinese New Year Holidays. Cathay Pacific has been plagued with a series of unfortunate events after it has dropped from the list of the world’s best airlines due to mismanagement and leaked 9.4 million customer profiles.

According to a leaked email to staff from Ed Higgs, General Manager of Cathay Pacific Cabin services, he has arranged to meet the local staff in Toronto from 12th February to 14th February 2019 to discuss the closure. Ed Higgs pointed out that Cathay Pacific has been concerned about the commercial viability of the local crew in Toronto. At present, it is no longer possible to maintain its operation in Toronto.

Cathay Pacific has responded by stating it has decided to close the base of the cabin crew in Toronto. They are currently communicating with trade union and providing assistance to affected colleagues, including employment opportunities at other sites as permitted by local legislation.