12-year-old son of retired Hong Kong actress Michelle Reis spotted with ‘beer tummy’ and appears like a mature businessman

    From left to right: Michelle Reis, Jayden Max Hui and Julian Hui.

    23rd January 2023 – (Hong Kong) On 23rd November 2008, following a public two-year courtship, retired Hong Kong actress Michelle Reis married business tycoon Julian Hui, son of real-estate billionaire Hui Sai Fun (1921–2018). Their son Jayden Max Hui was born on 8th February 2011. His initials are derived from the first initials, “J” and “M”, of his parents’ names.

    The couple has always been very protective of their son and they seldom made public appearance with him. However, in recent years Michele has brought her son to attend events from time to time. Earlier, they were spotted at Sha Tin Racecourse to cheer for their horse but in the end it retired before the race. However, the focus was on the their son during their presence at the race course.

    Many netizens pointed directly at Jayden’s changes. At a tender age of 12, he already carried the demeanour of a successful person. Jayden was wearing a pink shirt with a dark blue jacket and khaki trousers on the lower half. Instead of wearing something more casual, his dress sense was bizarrely ‘old school’ as a result of his dated fashion style. His “beer belly” also became the talk of the town. Many commented Jayden lacks exercise which may cause him to grow sideways and look more mature than his 60-year-old father.

    In 2007, a viral audio of Reis and business tycoon Joseph Lau leaked onto the internet caused controversy, in which Reis and Lau had a heated argument regarding actresses he had signed, including Ada Choi and Catherine Hung. Reis’ use of profanity directed at Lau led netizens to imply the two to be in a relationship and being able to swear profusely behind his wife’s back during that time, although the quality and time has indicated it originated from the 90s. Reis’ famous line “I’m really gonna congratulate you/I give my congratulations!” is often used by people nowadays as a sarcastic manner online or in real life. Back in 2006, a “mysterious person” published “Happy Birthday Michele 20.06.2006” in a full-page advertisement in Apple Daily newspapers to congratulate Reis on her birthday, and wrote “With Love, The One” below. During the period, although Reis was already dating Julian Hui who is her husband now, the advertisement was rumoured to be published by Lau and hence, it was interpreted by Stephen Shiu, a Taiwan-based Hong Kong media personality,  that ‘The One’ represented Reis who was the only favourite of Lau. Subsequently, it was also speculated that the name of ‘The One’ in Tsim Sha Tsui was named after Reis. Lau refuted the rumour once and for all in the press conference early this month and he also begged Shiu during the press conference not to spread rumours. Lau told Shiu that ‘if he has financial issues, he can help’ as he claimed he has helped a lot of poor people. Lau also said during the press conference almost everyone in the entertainment industry likes to lie.

    On 15th January 2022, Reis was rushed to ICU after a near death experience due to breathing complications.