12-year-old boy involved in a theft case jumps to his death at Fung Wo Estate


14th September 2021 – (Hong Kong) At around 11.37pm yesterday, a boy was suspected to have fallen from the top of Wo Yue House, Fung Wo Estate at 3, Fung Shun Street. During the period, a police officer was handling an illegal parking incident downstairs and he found a boy lying unconscious on the pavement.

An ambulance subsequently arrived and paramedics inspected the boy and certified that he was dead. Police officers covered the body with a tent. After investigation, it was confirmed that the deceased was only 12 years old. It is initially believed that he had fallen from a bedroom on the 21st floor. There were other relatives and friends in the unit at the time of the incident. The police officer did not find any suicide note at the scene, and the cause of death has yet to be determined after an autopsy. It is reported that the boy was involved in a theft case and he was under investigation. It is unknown whether the reason for his fall was related to this.

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