12 people in suspected human smuggling operation rescued as speedboat capsizes in Macao

Hac Sa Beach

14th April 2024 – (Macao) Law enforcement authorities discovered a criminal syndicate involved in facilitating illegal immigration from mainland China to Macao via water routes. Upon receiving this information on Thursday (11th), a joint operation was immediately deployed along the coastline of Hac Sa Beach in Coloane.

In the early hours of the following day (12th), personnel spotted a speedboat approaching the shores opposite Long Chao Kok at Hac Sa Beach. Swift action was taken as the authorities sought to intercept the vessel. However, in a bid to evade capture, the two mainland Chinese suspects operating the speedboat engaged in reckless and high-speed manoeuvres, ultimately leading to the capsizing of the boat and several individuals being thrown into the water.

Rescue teams promptly launched search and rescue operations at sea. All 11 men and 1 woman on board the capsized boat were successfully rescued, including the two mainland Chinese suspects and ten individuals attempting illegal entry. Unfortunately, one female illegal immigrant sustained severe injuries and was rushed to the hospital for critical care.

Following investigations, it was revealed that the criminal syndicate charged each smuggled individual between 30,000 and 40,000 Chinese yuan to facilitate their illegal entry into Macau. Among the nine male individuals attempting illegal entry, their stated purpose for coming to Macao was involvement in illegal currency exchange activities. The two mainland Chinese suspects admitted to their involvement in the crime, acknowledging that they were following the instructions of the criminal syndicate to transport the illegal immigrants, receiving a payment of 5,000 Chinese yuan per person as compensation.