12-feet long moray eel sold at Mei Foo Street Market

Picture credit: Aaron Kwan

29th March 2021 – (Hong Kong) A 12-feet long moray eel weighing 25kg was sold at the Mei Foo Street Market today. Some residents even took a picture of two men holding the 12-foot-long moray eel.

The man in charge of the fish stall in the Mei Foo Market said that an angler went to the shop this (29th) morning to sell the eel, but he refused to disclose the purchase price. The stall owner pointed out that the moray eels are very rare and this particular eel was caught by an angler and not a fisherman. The eel was already chopped into multiple pieces for sale during this afternoon.

The visual aspect of a moray eel is repulsive when seen for the first time and its flesh, if not prepared correctly, is full of bones. But, its soft gelatinous skin and wonderful flavour constitute an authentic delicacy. It also makes an exquisite stock, used for cooking rice and fish bases. In bygone days, fishermen used to catch moray eels in fish traps, though today they are caught by means of trawl nets and other modern methods. As with many other species, one mustn’t compare the way they look to the way they taste.