11th Gay Games scheduled in HK in November next year to attract more than 12,000 participants worldwide


9th June 2021 – (Hong Kong) The 11th Gay Games (Gay Games 2022) is scheduled to be held in Hong Kong from 11th to 19th November next year, and it will be the first time the Games are hosted in Asia. According to the estimation of the organisers, this sports event will attract more than 12,000 participants from around the world, bringing economic benefits of HK$1 billion to Hong Kong; and apart from facilitating the development of the tourism industry in Hong Kong, this event will showcase to the world Hong Kong’s diversity and its support for equal opportunities. 

 According to the information provided by the organiser, the 11th Gay Games (GG2022) to be held in Hong Kong has been recognised by the Federation of Gay Games and will be hosted by the Gay Games Hong Kong. Under the theme of “Unity in Diversity”, the event plans to feature 36 sports competitions, 13 arts and cultural activities, opening and closing ceremonies, etc. In other words, organising sports and cultural activities for all is the means to pursue the aim of promoting equality and inclusion. Therefore, everyone is welcome to participate in the event, regardless of ethnicity, religion, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability or background.

Unlike international multi-sports games in general, the GG2022 is not a sports event recognised by the International Olympic Committee, the Olympic Council of Asia or any international sports federation. Neither SF&OC nor NSAs will send athletes to participate in the competitions. Moreover, the aim of the GG2022 is to promote equality and inclusion through various activities. Sports is merely one of the elements of the event.

 It is understood that the organiser has, during the search of venues, considered various options, including tertiary institutions, non-governmental venues, space at Central Harbourfront and other cultural venues. In accordance with LCSD’s current practice, the Gay Games Hong Kong may, as a locally registered organisation, reserve non-peak slots and peak slots of sports facilities up to six months and three months in advance respectively.

 The organiser has approached some tertiary institutions, sports clubs, club houses, etc. for hiring their sports facilities to organise some competitions. Separately, the organiser has been discussing with 26 NSAs or sports organisations to explore possible co-operation, including the provision of referee services, technical support and venue booking support. So far, 11 NSAs have reached agreements with the organiser, four have declined co-operation due to other issues (such as manpower arrangement), and the remaining 11 are still in discussion with the organiser. If the organiser secures the support of NSAs in co-organising the relevant activities, it may reserve related sports facilities up to 12 months in advance under the current policy. Upon receipt of the applications from the organiser and/or the relevant NSAs, the LCSD is pleased to provide necessary assistance and process their applications in accordance with the current procedure.