11 SKIES to welcome first-ever virtual deep-ocean adventure experience in 2025


    3rd October 2023 – (Hong Kong) 11 SKIES, the newest addition to the Hong Kong International Airport’s neighbouring shopping complex, is set to introduce the city’s first-ever virtual deep-ocean adventure experience, known as the Vquarium, in 2025. The collaboration between the K11 Group and Falcon’s Beyond, an internationally renowned entertainment technology experience group, aims to provide visitors with an exceptional and immersive deep-sea exploration journey.

    The Vquarium, a three-level attraction featuring various themed areas, will span a vertical space of 13 meters, creating an authentic deep-sea atmosphere that allows visitors to embark on an unforgettable adventure. Through the implementation of cutting-edge technology, such as dynamic simulators and Mixed Reality (MR), visitors will feel as though they are stepping into a deep-sea submersible, assuming the role of an explorer. They will have the opportunity to navigate through virtual underwater realms, encountering a plethora of marine creatures and exploring extraordinary oceanic landscapes that would otherwise remain inaccessible.

    Beyond serving as a mere entertainment destination, the Vquarium also aims to educate and raise awareness among its visitors. In addition to capturing memorable moments through photo opportunities, the attraction offers an enriching platform for children to learn about marine life and foster a sense of environmental consciousness.

    The development of 11 SKIES has been a phased project, with K11 ATELIER 11 SKIES opening its doors in the middle of last year. Upon completion, the retail, dining, and entertainment sectors of 11 SKIES will feature over 800 establishments, including eight world-class entertainment facilities making their debut in Hong Kong. Alongside the Vquarium, visitors can look forward to other exciting attractions, such as the city’s first 4D flight simulation cinema, “Skybound,” the immersive multimedia art museum “ARTE MUSEUM,” and an indoor adventure park centred around Paddington Bear.

    The introduction of the Vquarium and the array of attractions within 11 SKIES signifies Hong Kong’s continuous efforts to enhance its leisure and entertainment offerings. As the city embraces innovation and technology, it solidifies its position as a global destination for both locals and international visitors seeking unparalleled experiences.

    Following its debut in 11 SKIES, the Vquarium has plans to expand to various locations across China in the coming years, allowing more individuals to embark on this extraordinary virtual deep-sea adventure.

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