11 arrested at illegal gambling den in Yuen Long, 3 attempt to escape by jumping off unit


9th December 2022 – (Hong Kong) Police Yuen Long District Special Duty Team launched an anti-illegal gambling operation last night (8th) in the district based on the investigation of informants, and raided an illegal gambling den in a residential unit at 21-35, On Ning Road.

2 baccarat tables, 36 decks of playing cards, 18 chairs and about 30,000 Hong Kong dollars in gambling money were seized.

During the operation, the police arrested the 63-year-old man in charge of the unit on suspicion of “operating a gambling establishment”, and the other 7 men and 3 female gamblers (aged 24 to 61) were arrested on suspicion of “gambling in a gambling establishment”. Three of the men jumped from the unit to escape, but they were finally trapped in the patio of the building. They had to be rescued after firefighters arrived on the scene and smashed the windows of the 1st stairwell.

2 of them sustained head and leg injuries respectively and they were sent to Pok Oi Hospital for treatment.

The arrested men and women have been detained for investigation.