10 people injured after being assaulted by men in white while police at Tin Shui Wai Station refuse to allow civilians to file reports


22nd July 2019 – (Hong Kong) At 2am today, Hong Kong Journalists Association, Hong Kong Press Photographers Association and Independent Commentators Association condemned the vicious attack against civilians in Yuen Long yesterday and they have called upon the police to protect civilians and reporters.

One TVB reporter was severely injured while 10 others were injured during the commotion at Yuen Long West Rail Line MTR Station yesterday evening.

Civilians surrounded Tin Shui Wan Police Station at 1am today.

Many civilians surrounded Tin Shui Wai Police station at around 1am today after it was shut down. Police prevented them from going in to lodge reports on the violent attack by the mob in white. At around 11.30pm yesterday, a lot of them were dissatisfied and argued with police officers at the MTR station who arrived only after many people were injured.

Riot police only turned up near the MTR Station to standby at around 12.40am.