10 litres of liquid Meth worth HK$2.74m found in a home factory in To Kwa Wan

Picture credit : HKO1

7th March 2019 – (Hong Kong) Police arrested 2 men and 3 women aged between 15 to 63 years old in I-Feng Mansions on To Kwa Wan Road yesterday at around 5pm. 10 litres of liquid Meth with a market value of HK$2.74m was seized during the operation.

The suspects who were arrested included one 55 year old local man & his 15 year old daughter, 1 main Chinese woman, 1 Mexican and 1 Filipino. According to police, the Mexican man was in charge of turning the liquid Meth into crystals before they can be sold. The liquid was sent via post to Hong Kong.