1-year-old boy contracts measles after living with another 38-year-old woman who was also tested positive for the infectious disease


2nd December 2019 – (Hong Kong) The Centre for Health Protection (CHP) of the Department of Health (DH) announced a case of measles infection, involving a one-year-old boy with good past health. The CHP discovered this case during its medical surveillance for home contacts of a previously confirmed measles case announced earlier.

The boy developed a fever and rash since 29th November. He was taken to the Accident and Emergency Department at Queen Mary Hospital on the same day for medical advice and was admitted for treatment immediately. He was discharged on 30th November and was admitted again today at Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital for treatment.

 A laboratory test of his respiratory specimen was positive for the measles virus. He is in a stable condition and has not yet received measles vaccination. He had no travel history during the incubation and communicable periods.

 The patient lives with a previously confirmed case (a 38-year-old woman) announced on 26th November. His other home contacts have remained asymptomatic so far and have been put under medical surveillance.

Upon notification of the case, the CHP immediately commenced epidemiological investigations and conducted relevant contact tracing. Investigations are ongoing.