1 fatality and 6 injuries in overnight airstrikes in SW Yemen


25th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) One man lost his life, and six members of his family sustained injuries during overnight airstrikes carried out by U.S. and British forces in Yemen’s southwestern province of Taiz. The Houthi-run al-Masirah TV reported this distressing news on Sunday, shedding light on the human toll of the military operation.

Yemen’s Houthi-controlled Saba news agency confirmed the airstrikes and stated that the “American-British aggression airstrikes” targeted communication networks in the Shamir area of Maqbanah district and in the Haifan district, both located in Taiz province. Additionally, the agency reported further airstrikes in the Abs district of the northwestern province of Hajjah, where a farm was struck, and a series of airstrikes in the capital city of Sanaa, targeting various well-known military positions.

The U.S. Central Command took to social media platform X to provide its perspective on the airstrikes. It announced that on Saturday, its forces and allies had targeted 18 military positions belonging to the armed Houthi group. The statement outlined the nature of the targets, which included underground weapons storage facilities, missile storage facilities, one-way attack unmanned aerial systems, air defence systems, radars, and a helicopter.

The U.S. Central Command clarified that these airstrikes were carried out with the objective of degrading the Houthi group’s capabilities and disrupting their ongoing, reckless, and unlawful attacks on international commercial, U.S., and British vessels in key regions such as the Red Sea, Bab al-Mandab Strait, and the Gulf of Aden.

Responding to the U.S.-led coalition airstrikes, the Houthis released a televised statement claiming responsibility for a fresh wave of missile and drone attacks launched on Saturday. The group asserted that their targets included a U.S. oil tanker and U.S. navy ships. Furthermore, they vowed to continue their assaults, indicating a troubling escalation in the conflict.

Since the outbreak of the Yemeni civil war in late 2014, the Houthis have exerted control over significant portions of northern Yemen, including the capital city of Sanaa and the strategically important Red Sea port city of Hodeidah. The conflict has resulted in a dire humanitarian crisis, with widespread suffering and displacement of civilians.