1/3 of workers who returned from Africa test positive for malaria at quarantine hotel, another 100 Chinese workers arrived in HK yesterday


6th August 2022 – (Hong Kong) A large cluster of malaria cases has appeared in Hong Kong. A few days ago, 30 malaria cases were imported from Guinea into Hong Kong. The 2nd death case was recorded yesterday. The deceased was a 53-year-old man and another patient is in critical condition. According to sources, the Hong Kong government has sampled the workers who are still in staying in designated quarantine hotels, and about one-third of them have been found to have malaria virus. In addition, more than 100 Chinese workers arrived in Hong Kong yesterday and were arranged to stay at the Cosmo Hotel Hong Kong in Wanchai for observation. It is understood that the Hospital Authority is arranging hospitalisation for Chinese workers with the virus.

Malaria is a global parasitic disease that infects humans and other animals, and its pathogen “Plasmodium” is spread by mosquitoes. When the malaria mosquito bites a human, the malaria parasite is passed from the mosquito’s saliva into the human blood, and the malaria parasite moves via the blood to the liver, where it matures and reproduces in the liver cells.

Dr.Lau Ka-hin, Chief Manager (Quality & Standards)  of the Hospital Authority, said at a press conference on the epidemic today (6th) that a total of 58 malaria patients are currently being treated in public hospitals, involving 56 males and 2 females, ranging from 25 to 56 years old, of whom one is in critical condition and two are in serious condition. 

Meanwhile, Dr. Chuang Shuk-kwan from the Centre for Health Protection of the Department of Health, admitted that most of the cases are now known to have arrived in Hong Kong via Guinea, and some cases were also accompanied by colleagues or those in the same trade who arrived in Hong Kong. Therefore, the authorities went to the quarantine hotel to assist them in the past two days. An inspection was carried out involving about 90 people. As a result, more than 20 people were found to be infected with malaria and they have been sent to the hospital for treatment. She also pointed out that according to the records of the FEHD, there are no mosquitoes that cause malaria transmission in Hong Kong, so the risk of transmission in urban areas and quarantine hotels is temporarily low.