“0+7” quarantine arrangement may be implemented as soon as early October, announcement to be made next week, sources


22nd September 2022 – (Hong Kong) As the COVID-19 epidemic situation in Hong Kong has stabilised, the number of confirmed cases has dropped significantly from over 10,000 at the beginning of this month to the level of more than 5,000 in the past two days. The government is studying the relaxation of the entry quarantine policy. According to sources, the government will announce as soon as next week that the current “3+4” arrangement will be replaced with “0+7” arrangement, that is, the hotel quarantine requirement will be completely abolished. Passengers only need to undergo 7-day home isolation monitoring. Nucleic acid testing before boarding may be scrapped but the nucleic acid testing after entry will be retained. It is reported that the “0+7” arrangement may be implemented as soon as early October.

As for whether passengers still need to wait for the test results at the airport, there is no final decision.

Meanwhile, the Secretary for Health, Professor Lo Chung-mau said today that the Government is considering every option to try to improve economic activities as well as connections with the international world. The government is considering the logistics, and at the right time it will make the announcement with every detail. Regarding the recent incidents of medical professionals issuing medical exemption certificates, abusing this and making fraudulent certificates, the government is deeply concerned. These cases are under criminal investigations. He emphasises that as a medical professional, he was deeply disappointed by the action of such because doctors are entrusted by the public and they have the duty to protect citizens from public health risks and threats.